Posting Policy

Usdan is a great place to post flyers and posters to advertise events. All advertisements must be approved by the Campus Center Team at the Shapiro Campus Center Info Booth and placed via thumb tack on the bulletin boards within the building or hung with tape on the brick walls.

Tabling in Usdan

If you would like to table in Usdan outside the mailroom, please fill out the Online Tabling Request Form. Only Brandeis University Departments or Union accredited clubs and organizations may request to table. Professional vendors, please email Katie McNamara.

Mailbox Stuffing

Recognized clubs and organizations may stuff mailboxes to advertise events by filling out a Mailbox Stuffing Request Form at the Department of Student Activities, Shapiro Campus Center, room 203.

Usdan Student Center

The Usdan Student Center houses the following services, conveniences and amenities:

Display Your Artwork

Want to show your original artwork in Upper Usdan? The 12-foot wall to the left of Louis' Deli has built-in hanging hardware and is open to anyone in the Brandeis community by application. The space is overseen by the Office of the ArtsIf you're interested in submitting a group or solo proposal, please use this online form. Questions? Email