External Travel Resources


Flypside is a new travel app for your smartphone developed with assistance of a Brandeis alum. Learn more on their website, www.flypside.com, and explore how this app can help you connect with your future host country.

 Quick Links:

Let's Go:  "Budget savvy travelers writing travel guides with the freshest coverage, insider tips and an authentic perspective."

Rough Guide:  Publisher of travel and reference information with up-to-date information.

Lonely Planet:  Provides non-partial advice on sustainable travel, independent backpacking, and other information on customs, etiquette, history, religion, art and politics.

Culture and Travel Resources


Massai Women

Below you will find a list of cultural adjustment and travel topics to research before, during, and after your experience.  

There are many elements to consider depending on your individual needs, explore the topics below to discover links to great resources.