Support Groups

Group Psychotherapy at the BCC Fall 2018

Please email a group leader if you are interested in attending a group.

Psychotherapy Groups 

Social Anxiety (section I)
Fridays 1-1:45pm @ BCC
Group Leaders: Leah Benjamin/Rebecca Troeger 

Social Anxiety (section II)
Wednesdays 4-4:45 @ BCC
Group Leaders: Vanessa Mena-Gibson/Jon Mills


Ourselves and Others (section I)
Fridays 11-11:45
Group Leaders: Leah Benjamin/Evan Valdes

Ourselves and Others (section II)
Thursdays 3-3:45
Group Leaders: Rebecca Troeger/Justin Karter

Skills Group

CBT for Your College Life
Mondays 11-11:45 @ BCC
Group Leader: Rachael Pucillo

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Inspiring Healthy Motivation
Thursdays 10-10:45 @ BCC
Group Leader: Carrie Eichmann

Mindfulness Skills
Wednesdays 4-4:45 @ BCC
Group Leader: Laura Horn

Drop in Groups

Academic Confidence
Thursdays 7-7:45pm @ BCC
Group Leader: Rachael Pucillo 

Spoken Word And Wellness Noise (SWAWN)
Thursdays 4-4:45 @ BCC
Group Leaders: Dennis Tyrell/Martin Pierre

Dog Therapy
Mondays 3:30-4:15 @ BCC
Group Leaders: Joy/Julia


Support Groups

Skills for the Trauma Survivor
Wednesdays 10-10:45
Group Leader: Martin Pierre


Good Grief: Bereavement
Thursdays 11-11:45
Group Leader: Amy Engel

Return from Leave
Tuesdays 4-4:45 @ BCC
Group Leader: Rachael Pucillo


Students Managing Chronic Illness of a Loved One
Mondays 5-5:45 @ BCC
Group Leader: Amy Engel

Community Groups

SOGI: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Fridays 3-3:45 @ BCC
Group Leader: Amy Scobie-Carroll


NIIA: Not In It Alone;  A support group for students of color
Thursdays 6-6:45
Group Leaders: Roxann Mascoll/Regina Pierre


Men’s Group
Tuesdays 4-4:45 @ BCC
Group Leaders: Jon/Evan


Women’s Psychotherapy
Wednesdays 11-11:45 @ BCC
Group Leaders: Vanessa/Rebecca


Semester Long CBT Program

Section I Mondays 4-5
Group Leader: Dr. Tal Nir

Section II Wednesdays 10-11
Group Leader: Dr. Tal Nir

Section III Thursday 11-12
Group Leader: Dr. Tal Nir