Course descriptions (PDF)

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100-level classes are open to undergraduate and graduate students. 200-level classes are for graduate students only. All 200-level and 350a require the signature of a dept. representative for enrollment.

ENG 200a  Approaches to Literary and Cultural Studies
David Sherman, W 2-4:50

ENG 231a, Performing the Early Modern Self
Thomas King, Th 2-4:50

ENG 237a, Reading the Black Transnation
Faith Smith, T 2:00-4:50

ENG 245a, Naturalism between Realism and Modernism
John Plotz,  M 2-4:50

ENG 350a, Proseminar
John Plotz, Alternating Wednesdays 9:30-10:50

COML/ENG 149a, Hell: The Poetry
Laura Quinney, MW 2-3:20

ENG 108b, Second Language Writing Instruction
Joshua Lederman, MW 5-6:20

ENG 115b, Fictions of Liberty
Jennifer Reed, TF 12:30-1:50

ENG 127a, The Novel in India
Ulka Anjaria, TF 11-12:20

ENG 150b, Out of this World: Science Fiction's Cyborgs, Time Travellers, and Space Invaders (writing intensive)
John Plotz, MWTh 11-11:50

ENG 151b, Performance Studies
Thomas King, TF 11-12:20

ENG 157b, American Women Poets
Dawn Skorczewski, TTh 5-6:20