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Theater Arts

Location: Spingold Theater Center
Mailstop: 072
Phone: 63340
Fax: 63389

Name Phone MS Office
Anderson, Cameron781-736-3346072Spingold Theater Center 005
Armstrong, Nancy Louise781-736-3354072Spingold Theater Center 11
Barricklo, J.B.781-736-3381072Spingold Theater Center 143
Burke, Lauren
Chalmus, William781-736-4201072Spingold Theater Center 9
Cleary, Jennifer A.781-736-3377072Spingold Theater Center 9
Deptula, Steven072
Dibble, Susan781-736-3415072Spingold Theater Center 3
Eigsti, Karl781-736-3346072Spingold Theater Center
Farrell, Thomas072
Gattuso, Maura T
Green, Brandon072
Holmberg, Arthur781-736-3345072Spingold Theater Center 6
Hurd, Mary781-736-3382072Spingold Theater Center 102
Hyland, Alicia781-736-3340072Spingold Theater Center 106
Jacobs, Alexander781-736-3348072Spingold Theater Center 4
Jahn, Jessica F.
Johnson, Benjamin781-736-3363072Spingold Theater Center
Kaplan, Lila Rose
Krstansky, Adrianne781-736-3342072Spingold Theater Center 107
Lowry, Mary781-736-3341072Spingold Theater Center 14
Marsh, Rebecca
McKittrick, Ryan781-736-3350072Spingold Theater Center 16
McWhorter, Lindsey Genean072
Moody, Robert O781-736-3352072Spingold Theater Center 8
Perry, Sally781-736-3392072Spingold Theater Center 104
Pizzuti, Jessica
Reilly, Stephen C.
Sumi, Katherine781-736-3356072Spingold Theater Center 141
Sumi, Katie
Tedford, Chris781-736-3380072Spingold Theater Center 18
Theriault, Todd781-736-3354072Spingold Theater Center 152
Traub, Adele
Tremblay, Julien Winter781-736-4194072Spingold Theater Center 122
Troyanovsky, Dmitry781-736-3367072Spingold Theater Center Spingold 4
Walsh, Robert E781-736-3341072Spingold Theater Center 10
Winter Tremblay, Julien
Woodard, Kristie072

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