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Library Services

Matthew Sheehy, University Librarian
Location: Goldfarb Library
Mailstop: 046
Phone: 781-736-4713

Archives - 64686
Brandeis University Press - 62127
Getz Multimedia Lab - 64522
Information & Borrowing Desk (Main) - 64624
Judaica - 64688
Library (Farber) - 64624
Reserves Information - 64630
Special Collections - 64641

Name Phone MS Office
Cooper, Alexis June
Hogue, Brian
Huff, Aimee781-736-4030046Goldfarb Library 236
Information and Borrowing, Library
Loan, Interlibrary
Messner, Laura
Pinnolis, Judith S781-736-4705045Farber Library

Collections, Access and Technical Services

Mark Evan Paris, Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources & Discovery
Location: Goldfarb Library
Mailstop: 045
Fax: 64724

Name Phone MS Office
Calo, Mary781-736-4621045Goldfarb Library 115
Collins, Katherine781-736-4731045Goldfarb Library 32
Cummings, Brenda Sue781-736-4694045Goldfarb Library 118
Fuchs, Joanna Marie781-736-4704045Goldfarb Library 32
Hartman, Sarah781-736-4672045Goldfarb Library 115B
Hovsepian, Ani C781-736-4620045Goldfarb Library 115B
Lacis, Dzintra781-736-4676045Goldfarb Library 32
Lehman, William Gillis781-736-4625045Goldfarb Library
Meuse, Brian781-736-4659045Goldfarb Library 103
Paris, Mark Evan781-736-4695045Goldfarb Library 69-32
Pratt, Richard J781-736-4653045Feldberg Communications Center
Reisner, Wendy781-736-4727045Goldfarb Library 32
Scanzani, Alexis D.781-736-4630045Goldfarb Library 32
Sheehy, Matthew781-736-4642046Goldfarb Library 236
Siegel, Jennifer781-736-4696045Goldfarb Library 32
Valicenti, Thomas R781-736-4692045Goldfarb Library 115B
Whitehead, Kayla781-736-4648045Goldfarb Library 32

Library Research and Instructional Services

Laura Hibbler, Associate University Librarian for Research & Instruction
Location: Goldfarb Library
Mailstop: 045
Phone: 64624
Fax: 64719

Name Phone MS Office
Brandon, Esther Ruth781-736-4796045Farber Library
Corral, Margarita781-736-4654045Farber Library 2
Giordano, Jennifer781-736-7521045Farber Library 2
Hibbler, Laura781-736-4656045Farber Library Farber 2 Suite
Kramer, Maric781-736-4667045Goldfarb Library
Radik, Melanie781-736-4681045Farber Library 2
Slater, Aimee781-736-4673045Farber Library 2
Weinstein, Zoe781-736-4687045Farber Library Farber 2 Suite
Willett, Alex781-736-4683045Farber Library 2
Zeidenberg, Lisa781-736-4697045Farber Library 2

Library Services Administration

Matthew Sheehy, University Librarian
Location: Goldfarb Library
Mailstop: 046

Name Phone MS Office
Barry, Martha Jane781-736-4713045Goldfarb Library 2
Harrison, Annie781-736-4863045Farber Library 122-1G
McGough, Walt781-736-4862046Goldfarb Library 236
Sheehy, Matthew781-736-4642046Goldfarb Library 236

Maker & AV Lab

Ian Matthew Roy, Director, Research Technology & Innovation

Name Phone MS Office
Dellelo, Mark781-736-4584045Farber Library 06
Hebert, Timothy Robert781-736-4603045Goldfarb Library 016
Quackenbush, John781-736-8644045Goldfarb Library
Roy, Ian Matthew781-736-4608045Goldfarb Library
Uzunkaya, Hazal781-736-4758045Goldfarb Library

University Archives & Special Collections

Sarah M Shoemaker, Associate University Librarian for Archives & Special Collections
Location: Goldfarb Library
Mailstop: 045

Name Phone MS Office
McNeely, Maggie781-736-4686045Goldfarb Library 13A
Morse-Harding, Chloe781-736-4657045Goldfarb Library 13
Reicher, Leslie781-736-4684045Goldfarb Library 32
Rosenbloom, James P781-736-4688045Goldfarb Library 202
Seelig, Surella E781-736-3475045Goldfarb Library 13
Shoemaker, Sarah M781-736-4641045Goldfarb Library 33
Shovein, Zack781-736-8759045Goldfarb Library 32
Woodrum, Anne H.781-736-4622045Goldfarb Library 13

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