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Steven Burg, Chair
Location: Olin-Sang American Civilization Center
Mailstop: 058
Phone: 62750
Fax: 62777


Name Phone MS Office
Brugh, Christine
Campion, Selene
Colocouris, Rosanne781-736-2755058Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 204
del Valle, Maria
Desmarais, Sarah
LaRochelle, Ryan781-736-2758058Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 122
Modricker, Daniel
Simons-Rudolph, Joseph
Wachter, Lori

Department Admin

Location: Olin-Sang American Civilization Center
Mailstop: 058
Phone: 62755

Name Phone MS Office
Cronin, Martha781-736-2272036Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 215


Name Phone MS Office
Art, Robert J781-736-2754058Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 109
Bellin, Eva781-736-5336010Lemberg Hall 225
Burg, Steven781-736-2752058Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 202
Chase, Kerry A.781-736-2725058Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 106
Feldman, Shai781-736-5321010Lemberg Hall 201
Greenlee, Jill S.781-736-2760058Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 205
Klausen, Jytte781-736-2762058Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 110
Kryder, Daniel Thomas781-736-2778058Golding Judaica Center 118
Lawrence, Frederick M781-736-3001100Irving Presidential Enclave 113
Lenowitz, Jeffrey781-736-2765058Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 206
Levin, Martin A781-736-4791058Golding Judaica Center 120
Thaxton, Ralph781-736-2767058Golding Judaica Center 116
Woll, Peter781-736-2768058Golding Judaica Center 117
Yack, Bernard781-736-2640058Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 107

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