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Student Financial Services

Sherri Melissa Avery
Location: Usdan Student Center
Mailstop: 027
Phone: 63700
Fax: 63719

Financial Aid - 63700
Student Accounts - 63700
Student Employment - 63700
Student Loans - 63700

Name Phone MS Office
Alex, Jennifer027
Avery, Sherri Melissa781-736-3700027Usdan Student Center
Baker, Nicole781-736-3795027Usdan Student Center
Bedrossian, Silva781-736-8440027Usdan Student Center
Brown, Timothy781-736-3700027Usdan Student Center
Burke, Kristyn Mackin781-736-3709027Usdan Student Center 120
Chan, Peter781-736-4556027Usdan Student Center
Harrell, Sharon781-736-3700027Usdan Student Center
Herrboldt, Amy781-736-3700027Usdan Student Center
Howell, Michelle027
Huntley, Claudia781-736-4449027Usdan Student Center
Jones, Stacey R.781-736-4442027Usdan Student Center
Monteiro, Marco027
Nelson, Catherine M.781-736-3700027Usdan Student Center
Santoro, Paul L781-736-8444027Usdan Student Center 120
Student, SFS
Tran, Linna781-736-3700027Usdan Student Center

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