Administrative Staff

Jenny Abdou
Director of Orientation

Jamele Adams
Dean of Student Life

Sherri Avery
Executive Director of Financial Aid and Student Employment

Marci Borenstein
Director of High School Programs

Andrea Dine
Executive Director of the Hiatt Career Center

Kerry Guerard
Director of Student Rights and Community Standards

Monique Gnanaratnam
Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Intercultural Center

Stephanie Grimes
Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Activities

Claudia Kitada
Director of Student Accounts and Loans

Dr. Michael LaFarr
Executive Director of Health and Wellness

Lucas Malo
Director of Community Service

Dr. Debra Poaster
Director of Health Center

Alethea Raybeck
Director of the Global Youth Summit

Sheryl Sousa
Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Timothy Touchette
Director of the Department of Community Living

Jennifer Walker
Dean of Admissions