Finance Support

As we near the end of the semester, we know that students can face unusual financial situations. For some students, you may believe that you cannot find support for end of the semester food or other needs. Other concerns may focus on tuition bills, or family situations. Our team is here to support you, and there are resources available to students who are experiencing financial emergencies.

The Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) considers financial aid appeals for students based on extenuating circumstances (e.g., job loss, significant unreimbursed medical expenses, etc.). Scholarship and/or loan funds may be available for such circumstances. Our counselors will be glad to meet with you to discuss these options.

SFS also administers the Petrie Emergency Fund, a small donor pool which is available to students experiencing some kind of financial emergency when other resources are not available. In the past the fund has supported students facing un-reimbursed medical or dental expenses, needing to travel home for unexpected illness or death in the immediate family,confronted with theft or damage to personal belongings, and even helped obtain clothing appropriate for winter or an interview.

We also know that a few students every semester confront food instability. The Petrie Fund through SFS maybe an option, but you may also reach out to Kevin Collen, director of university services who coordinates our dining and other vendor relationships. Either Kevin or SFS can provide confidential support to bridge the end of semester for students with demonstrated financial need facing such dining challenges.

Supportive team members in academic services, the counseling and health centers, community living, and across campus can also advise and direct you, should you have such concerns. Your health, and your success, are our priority. Best wishes for a successful end of the semester and a wonderful winter break.