Department of English

Fall 2020 Undergraduate Courses

Course  Requirements Instructor Time
ENG 1a, Introduction to Literary Studies Post Jerome Tharaud TTh 12-1:30pm

ENG 19a, Introduction to Creative Writing

CW [WI] Chen Chen MW 2-3:30pm
ENG 20a, Bollywood: Popular Film, Genre and Society Media, Multi [DJW, NW] Ulka Anjaria MW 10-11:30am
ENG 28a, Environmental Literature in an Age of Extinction Post [DEIS-US, DL] Caren Irr MW 2-3:30pm
ENG 38a, Fantasy Worlds: From Lilliput and Middlearth to LARPs Post John Plotz

MW 12-1:30pm

ENG 40b, Birth of the Short Story Pre John Plotz MW 4-5:30pm
ENG 62b, Contemporary African Literature Multi, Post [DJW, DL, NW, OC] Josh Williams MW 12-1:30pm
ENG 64a, Queer Readings: Before the Binary Pre [OC] Tom King TTh 4-5:30pm
ENG 73a, Witchcraft and Magic in the Renaissance Pre Ramie Targoff MW 4-5:30pm
ENG 79a, Beginning Screenplay CW [DL, OC, WI] Marc Weinberg TTh 8-9:30pm
ENG 109a, Poetry Workshop CW [DL, OC, WI] Chen Chen MW 4-5:30pm
ECS/ENG 110b, Thinking about Infinity Thry William Flesch TTh 2-3:20pm
ENG 119a, Fiction Workshop CW [OC, WI] Grace Talusan TTh 4-5:30pm
AAAS 124a, Performing Sovereignty in the Caribbean Multi, Post [OC] Faith Smith TTh 12-1:30pm
ENG 127b, Migrating Bodies, Migrating Texts Multi, Post [DJW, NW] Faith Smith TTh 8-9:30pm
ENG 131b, Decolonial Pedagogy Multi, Thry [DEIS-US, DJW] Joshua Williams MW 6-7:30pm
ENG 139a, Publishing Workshop CW [DL, OC, WI] Elizabeth Bradfield MW 2-3:30pm
ENG 149a, Writing for Television CW [DL, OC, WI] Marc Weinberg TTh 2-3:30pm
CLAS/ENG 153b, Race Before Race Pre, Multi [DEIS-US, DJW, DL, WI] Dorothy Kim & Caitlin Gillespie TTh 8-9:30pm
ENG 156a, The Modern Prometheus Post Laura Quinney TTh 6-7:30pm
ENG 167b, Writing the Nation: Baldwin, Wright, Morrison Post, Multi [DEIS-US] Brandon Callender TTh 2-3:30pm
ENG 170b, Contemporary Theatre & Performance: Between Rights and the Post-Human Post Tom King MW 8-9:30pm
ENG 173a, Spenser & Milton Pre William Flesch TTh 12-1:30pm
ENG 177a, Hitchcock's Movies Media Paul Morrison MW 12-1:30
ENG 180b, Romantic Comedy / Matrimonial Tragedy Media David Sherman TTh 8-9:30pm
ENG 188b, Capitalism & Culture Thry [OC] Caren Irr MW 10-11:30am