Fall 2021 Courses

Course  Requirements Instructor Time/Modality Enroll Limit
ENG 6a, The American Renaissance Post

Jerome Tharaud

TTh 2-3:30 / In-person 20
ENG 10b, Poetry: A Basic Course CW Close Reading, English Elective Paul Morrison MW 2-3:30 / Remote 20
ENG 14a, Media Stories: Circulating Love, Hate, Revolution Media, Pre [DL] Jenny Factor TTh 6-7:30 / In-person 20
ENG 19a, Introduction to Creative Writing CW [WI] Grace Talusan MW 6-7:30 / In-person 12
ENG 33a, Shakespeare Pre William Flesch TTh 12-1:30 / In-person 30
ENG 62b, Contemporary African Literature Multi, Post [DJW, DL, NW, OC] Joshua Williams MW 4-5:30 / In-person 20
ENG 70a, The Birth of the Movies: From Silent Film to Hollywood Media John Plotz MW 4-5:30 / In-person 30
ENG 75b, The Victorian Novel: Secrets, Lies, & Monsters Post John Plotz MW 12-1:30 / In-person 20
ENG 76a, American Urban Literature Post Sarah Perkins TTh 10-11:30 / In-person 20
ENG 79a, Beginning Screenplay CW [DL, WI] Marc Weinberg TTh 6-7:30 / In-person 12
AAAS 79b, African American Literature of the 20th Century Multi, Post Brandon Callender TTh 4-5:30 / In-person 30
ENG 102a, Ghosts of Race Multi, Post, [DEIS-US, DJW] Brandon Callender TTh 12-1:30 / In-person 30
ENG 108a, Literature & Heresy Pre Laura Quinney TTh 2-3:30 / In-person 20
ENG 109a, Poetry Workshop CW [OC, WI] Chen Chen MW 12-1:30 / In-person 12
ENG 109b, Short Fiction CW [OC, WI] Stephen McCauley MW 10-11:30 / In-person 12
ENG 112a, The Fierce Urgency of Now: Some Poetry in English Since 1945 Post [WI] John Burt TTh 8-9:30am / In-person 20
ENG 119a, Fiction Workshop CW [OC, WI] Grace Talusan MW 2-3:30 / In-person 12
ENG 123a, Violence & the Body in Early Modern Drama Pre [DL] Tom King MW 12-1:30 / In-person 20
COML/ENG 141b, Literature & Time Thry Laura Quinney TTh 10-11:30 / In-person 20
AAAS/ENG 141b, Critical Race Theory Multi, Thry Patrick Sylvain MW 12-1:30 / In-person  20 Only open to undergraduates
ENG 147a, Film Noir Media Paul Morrison MW 10-11:30 / Remote 30
ENG 149a, Screenwriting Workshop: Writing for Television CW [DL, WI] Marc Weinberg T 2-5 / In-person 12
ENG 151a, Queer Studies Thry Tom King MW 4-5:30 / In-person 30
ENG 154b, Spirit Worlds: Religion & Early American Literature Pre Jerome Tharaud TTh 10-11:30 / In-person 20
ENG 161a, Literature & Counterculture  Post, Thry David Sherman TTh 2-3:30 /In-person 30
ENG 169a, Eco-Writing Workshop CW [WI] Elizabeth Bradfield TTh 6-7:30 / In-person


PHIL 182a, Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations Thry William Flesch, Eli Hirsh TTh 4-5:30 / In-person 25
ENG 186a, Literature of Objects Multi, Post [DJW] Joshua Williams MW 2-3:30 / In-person 20
COML/ENG 191a, Environmental Aesthetics Thry [DJW, OC] Caren Irr MW 10-11:30 / In-person 30
ENG 107a, Women Writing Desire Graduate Faith Smith Th 2-5 / In-person 15
ENG 360c, Article Publication Proseminar Graduate John Plotz W 5:30-7 / In-person 8
GCWS: Gender & Comedy in the US: Counterpublics, World-Making, & the Politics of Pleasure Graduate David Sherman, Ginger Lazarus of U Mass Boston W 3-6 Please visit GCWS for more info.