Fall 2022 Undergraduate Courses

Course  Requirements Instructor Time Enroll Limit
ENG 1a, Introduction to Literary Studies Post [WI] Jerome Tharaud TF 12:45-2:05 20
ENG 6a, The American Renaissance Post Jonathan Schroeder MW 4:05-5:25 20
HUM 10a, The Western Canon Elective William Flesch TF 12:45-2:05 20
ENG 10b, Poetry: A Basic Course CW Close Reading, Elective William Flesch TR 3:55-5:15 20
ENG 19a Introduction to Creative Writing Workshop CW [WI] Porsha Olayiwola MW 5:40-7:00 12
ENG/HIST 20a, Violent Resistance: American Political Violence & Its Rhetorics Post, Thry [DL, DEIS-US] Miranda Peery
Sarah Beth Gable
MWR 1:25-2:15 25
ENG 20a, Bollywood: Popular Film, Genre, and Society

Multi, Media [DJW]

Ulka Anjaria MWR 10:10-11:00 65
COML/ENG 21a, The Literature of Walking

Post, Thry [OC]

Caren Irr TF 11:10-12:30 20
ENG 26a, Novels on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown: Fiction as Psychological Inquiry Post [WI] David Sherman MWR 12:20-1:10 65
ENG 27b, Classic Hollywood Cinema


Paul Morrison MWR 9:05-9:55 20
ENG 33b, Shakespeare Now Pre  Ramie Targoff MWR 11:15-12:05 20
ENG 35b, Women's Friendship (and More) in Nineteenth-century Literature Post Abigail Arnold MW 5:40-7:00 20
ENG 36a, Queer Poetry Post Matthew Burkett TF 9:35-10:55 20
ENG 42a, Blackness and Horror Multi, Post [DEIS-US, DJW] Brandon Callender MWR 12:20-1:10 35
ENG 43b, Medieval Play: Drama, LARP, and Video Games Pre [DJW, OC] Dorothy Kim TR 2:20-3:40 40
AMST/ENG 47a, Frontier Visions: The West in American Literature and Culture Post [OC]

Jerome Tharaud  

TR 3:55-5:15 20
ENG 62a, Documentary: Techniques and Controversies Media

 Matthew Schratz

MW 4:05-5:25 20
ENG 79a, Screenwriting Workshop: Beginning Screenplay CW [DL, WI]

Marc Weinberg

T 7:05-9:55 12
AAPI/ENG 102a, Transpacific Science Fiction Multi, Post [DJW] Howie Tam TF 9:35-10:55 20
ENG 106a, Representing Slavery

Post [DEIS-US, WI]

John Burt MW 2:30-3:50 20
ENG 109a, Poetry Workshop CW [OC, WI]

Porsha Olayiwola

MW 2:30-3:50 12
ENG 109b, Fiction Workshop: Short Fiction CW [OC, WI]

Stephen McCauley

TR 5:30-6:50 12
ENG 114a, Enthusiasm, Disappointment, Recovery: British Literature & the French Revolution Pre Laura Quinney TR 5:30-6:50 20
ENG 119a, Fiction Workshop CW [OC, WI] Christopher Castellani R 2:20-5:10 12
ENG 139a, Publishing Workshop: Literary Editing and Publishing CW [DL, OC] Elizabeth Bradfield W 2:30-5:20 12
ENG 143a, The History of Mediascapes and Critical Maker Culture Media, Pre [DL, OC, DEIS-US] Dorothy Kim

TF 11:10-12:30 
Lab R 11:15-12:05

ENG 145a, Poetry and the Supernatural Post Laura Quinney TR 2:20-3:40 20
ENG 149a, Screenwriting Workshop: Writing for Television CW [DL, WI] Marc Weinberg T 2:20-5:10 12
ENG 171b, African Feminism(s) Thry, Multi, Post [DJW] Emilie Diouf MWR 1:25-2:15 20