Department of English

Fall 2023 Graduate Courses

200-level; 100-level

200- Level Courses

Note: 200-level classes are for graduate students only and require the signature of a department representative for enrollment.

Course Number Course Title Instructor Time Enroll limit
ENG 200a Approaches to Literary and Cultural Studies Caren Irr T 2:20-5:10 8
ENG 215a Milton and the Shelleys William Flesch M 2:30-5:20 8
ENG 240a Genre, Form, Mode: Realism and Its Others (Genre Trouble) John Plotz W 2:30-5:20 8
ENG 350a Proseminar John Plotz alt R 2:20-3:40 8

100-Level Courses

Note: 100-level classes are open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Course Number Course Title Instructor Time Enroll Limit
ENG 102a Ghosts of Race Brandon Callender TR 2:20-3:40 35
ENG 113b Performing Climate Justice Thomas King MWR 1:20-2:10 35
CLAS/ENG 140a Premodern Disability Studies Across the Mediterranean Catherine Shepard Bloomer TF 11:10-12:30 15
ENG 141b Poetry and Myth Laura Quinney MW 4:05-5:25 20
ENG 142b Black Queer Literatures Brandon Callender TR 5:30-6:50 20
ENG 144a Medieval Travel Writing Dorothy Kim TR 3:55-5:15 20
ENG 152b Arthurian Literature Dorothy Kim TF 12:45-2:05 20
ENG 153a Enlightenment of the Flesh: Reading and Writing Sex in the Eighteenth Century Thomas King MW 4:05-5:25 20
ENG 176b Jane Austen and George Eliot: Novel Genius John Plotz MWR 11:15-12:05 20