Susan S. Lanser

Susan LanserProfessor Emerita of English; Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies; and Comparative Literature
PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Research Interests

British and Continental European History and Literature 1650-1830, Narrative Theory and the Novel, The French Revolution, History of Gender and Sexuality, Feminist Theory.

Selected Publications

BooksThe Sexuality of History book cover

Representative Essays

"Sex, Gender, and the Limits of Enlightenment." In "A Cultural History of Women in the Age of Enlightenment." Ed. Ellen Pollak. Oxford: Berg Publishers, 2013, 45-69 (notes, 216-220).

"Gender and Narrative." In "Living Handbook of Narratology". Ed. Peter Hühn et al. Hamburg University Press, 2013.

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"Novel (Lesbian) Subjects: The Sexual History of Form." Novel: A Forum on Fiction, 42:3 (2009): 497-503.

"'Put to the Blush': Romantic Irregularities and Sapphic Tropes." In "Romantic Praxis", January 2006.

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Introduction to "Ladies Almanack" by Djuna Barnes. (New York University Press, 1992), xv-li.

"Feminist Criticism: 'The Yellow Wallpaper,' and the Politics of Color in America." Feminist Studies, 15:3 (Fall, 1989), 415-41.

"Toward a Feminist Narratology." Style, 20:3 (Fall, 1986), 341-63.

Current Projects

"Negative Plotting" – essay in progress

Early Modern Lesbian Subjects, for "The Cambridge Companion to Lesbian Literature."

"Rewriting the Revolution: Fictions of Liberty 1814-2014" book in progress

Selected Honors and Awards

Selected Courses Taught