Jerome Tharaud

Jerome TharaudAssistant Professor of English
PhD, University of Chicago

Research Interests

Early American literature and culture; print culture and media; American religious history; art history and visual culture; theories of space and place; the American West.

Selected Publications

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Current Projects

"Apocalyptic Geographies: Religion, Literature, and the American Landscape, 1820-1860"
My book investigates how the rise of mass print influenced antebellum conceptions of space and transformed the ways readers saw themselves, their communities, and distant others. I argue that Protestant evangelicals used print to produce a modern form of sacred space that profoundly shaped antebellum culture. This "evangelical space" changes our understanding of some of the period's most iconic works of literature and art; more broadly, it unsettles the master narratives we use to talk about nineteenth-century America, including secularization and Manifest Destiny.

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