Miranda Peery

Miranda Peery

PhD – Fourth Year
Graduate Representative
MA in English & WGS, Brandeis University, 2018
B.A. in English, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, 2016


Research Interests

Late Medieval and Early Modern British Literature, particularly religion and magic in MedRen europe. Gender/Sexuality Studies, Critical Race Studies, Genre and Horror Studies, Public Humanities, Digital Humanities.

Primary Advisor

Professor Ramie Targoff


Barbara and Morton Mandel Endowed Graduate Fellowship in the Humanities (2020)
Profession Development Fellow (2020) 
Izak Kazes Prize in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (2017-18)
Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award (2021-22)
University Prize Instructorship for History and English--Violent Resistance: American Political Violence and Its Rhetorics (2022-23)

Classes Taught and Assisted

(TF) Shakespeare

(TF) Witchcraft and Magic in the Renaissance

(TF) Sex and Culture

Brandeis Posse Scholars Mentor

Favorite Work

Paternal Tyranny, Arcangela Tarabotti