Daniel Schwartz

PhD - Third YearDaniel Schwartz
M.A. in Philosophy, Tufts University, 2019
B.A. in English, Harvard University, 2016


Research Interests

Modernism, Poetics, Philosophy


Review: "On Wittgenstein and Modernist Fiction: The Language of Acknowledgement by Greg Chase." On the Seawall, 2022.

"The Folly of Existing." On The Seawall, 2021.

Review: "On Seeing Silence by Mark C. Taylor." On The Seawall, 2021.

Review: "On The Lost Writings by Franz Kafka, translated by Michael Hofmann." On The Seawall, 2020. 


“An Abrahamic Double Bind: An Examination of the Possibility of Faith in Crime and Punishment.” The 2022 North American Dostoevsky Society Graduate Research Forum.

Favorite Work

The Trial by Franz Kafka, Daniel Deronda by George Eliot