Rebecca Kahn '19

Rebecca KahnI cannot rave enough about my time in the Brandeis English Department and Creative Writing Program. The kindness, dedication, and love the professors have for their students and their subject are unparalleled. Each and every one of them were always willing to meet outside of class time not just to discuss class work but to get to know me better as a person. The relationships I built with many of my professors in the department made my time at Brandeis that much better and so much more meaningful. Leaving Brandeis, I felt academically enriched by the classes I took in the English Department and Creative Writing Program. Truly, I felt as if I grew immensely as a thinker, participant, and writer in my courses.

Since graduation, I have moved to Cleveland, OH where I am the Associate Regional Director of Jewish Enrichment for BBYO Ohio Northern Region. At my job, I teach a Young Leadership Development course to teens in our program, help plan large and small - sometimes multi-day events, and mentor and work with teens to be better and smarter Jewish leaders in their communities. When not working and not exploring my new city, I’m still finding all the time I can to read.