Quinn Weiner

The Jerome A. Schiff Undergraduate Fellows Program is designed to support major projects undertaken byQuinn Weiner undergraduates alongside faculty advisors. For my Schiff project,  I am expanding upon my English senior honors thesis, within which I am studying the way the phrase "gender identity" takes on different meanings and uses among various academic and lay populations. In essence, I am attempting to unravel an interdisciplinary miscommunication, one which has led to unproductive and nonsensical conversations around gender and gender identity, impeding research, justice work, and individuals' searches for language and recognition. With this in mind, under the mentorship of Prof. Tom King, I will be exploring the ways my research findings can be creatively and effectively communicated to a variety of audiences (including through the creation of a blog, an academic unit, and an oral research presentation) in hopes of reducing that miscommunication and hopefully the barriers it creates.