Students enroll in three courses a semester.

Required courses include:

  1. One semester: 120A Post-Bacc Studio Critique - crucial facets of a successful discussion and critique practice that happen concurrently, and in dialogue with art making. Communication will be explored as ways of bolstering students' understanding of their own studio practice within the wider history of art and particularly within the context of contemporary art. This course provides a forum for the student lead discussion about each other’s work - to look closely, to analyze, and make suggestions for possible moves forward. This process of peer review - the group critique- is fundamental to studio pedagogy. Usually offered every year in the Fall.
  2. One semester: FA 119b Professional Practice in Art - this writing intensive course focuses on grant writing and other related elements of professional development for visual artists. Usually offered every year in the Spring.
  3. Two semesters: FA 110 Senior Studio - this course is heuristic in nature and is scheduled time for students to be in their studios with access to the two senior studio faculty for questions during class time. Students are encouraged to explore their practice and the materials they are using.

In consultation with faculty, students may choose any course in the department, or in the university for elective credit. Potential electives include:

Length of Residency

There is a minimum one-year residency requirement. On completing the first year, students can apply for a second year in the program. Upon completion of a one or two-year residency, students will receive a transcript of all course work.