Students enroll in two courses in one semester and three courses in the other semester of their academic year:

  1. An independent study or tutorial with a studio faculty member. The faculty and student meet each week in the student's studio for critiques of his or her work. Participation in group critiques, visiting artists’ lectures, individual critiques, and field trips are considered part of the tutorial curriculum.
  2. Choose between (a) Intermediate Printmaking (b) Advanced Drawing or (c) Advanced Sculpture. The sequence can be taken as deemed appropriate to students' needs and interests. These three post-baccalaureate courses are designed to continue to cultivate students' independent studio work and to help build students' portfolios.
  3. Students can choose an additional course from the undergraduate fine art studio curriculum. Examples of courses to choose from are:

Length of Residency

There is a minimum one-year residency requirement. In May, first-year students can apply for a second year in the program. Upon completion of a one or two-year residency, students will receive a transcript of all course work.