Undergraduate Advising Heads

Professor instructing student on her painting

Our Undergraduate Advising Heads (UAH) are faculty who are a wonderful resource for students. As students explore different majors and minors, they can help them better understand how the curriculum of a particular major is structured and what they would need to do to major in that field.

Students will ultimately meet with the appropriate UAH to officially declare a major. For more information about declaring a major, visit the academic advising webpage for sophomores.

Studio Art

Joseph M. Wardwell
Joseph M. Wardwell
Associate Professor of Painting
Undergraduate Advising Head for Studio Art
781-736-2656 Goldman-Schwartz Art Studios, 107

Expertise: Painting and drawing


Art History

Peter Kalb
Peter R. Kalb
Associate Professor of Contemporary Art on the Cynthia L. and Theodore S. Berenson Chair of Fine Arts
Undergraduate Advising Head for Art History
781-736-2772 Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities, 208

Expertise: Twentieth Century/Contemporary Art