Undergraduate Advising Heads

Professor instructing student on her painting

Our Undergraduate Advising Heads (UAH) are faculty who are a wonderful resource for students. As students explore different majors and minors, they can help them better understand how the curriculum of a particular major is structured and what they would need to do to major in that field.

Students will ultimately meet with the appropriate UAH to officially declare a major. For more information about declaring a major, visit the academic advising webpage for sophomores.

Studio Art

Joseph M. Wardwell
Joseph M. Wardwell
Associate Professor of Painting
Undergraduate Advising Head and Study Abroad Liaison for Studio Art
781-736-2656 Goldman-Schwartz Art Studios, 107

Expertise: Painting and drawing


Art History

Peter Kalb
Peter R. Kalb, Chair
Associate Professor of Contemporary Art on the Cynthia L. and Theodore S. Berenson Chair of Fine Arts
781-736-2772 Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities, 208

Expertise: Twentieth-century and contemporary art