Department of Fine Arts

Undergraduate Departmental Representatives

In the Fine Arts Department, our undergraduate departmental representatives are divided into the two subfields of Art History and Studio Art. These student representatives are here to offer help to majors, minors or any other student interested in the Fine Arts Program. Whether you have a specific question about requirements or would just like to get more information on the program from a peer's perspective, feel free to contact any of the UDRs.

Meet Your UDRs

Portrait of Pilar Duvivier standing behind a buildings in New York City
Pilar Duvivier '24
Studio Art Undergraduate Departmental Representative

Hi! My name is Pilar, I am an MLK Fellow and a junior majoring in Studio Art, planning on double majoring in psychology. Primarily, I am a painter and I enjoy creating figurative works and self portraits inspired by a mix of my own personal experiences and art history. However, I love pushing myself to explore all types of media, whether that be digital or traditional fine arts. Outside of the painting studio I am a music buff, a nature enthusiast and a Liverpool FC fan (YNWA!). If you have any questions about the art department, double majoring, or anything else feel free to reach out to me!

Portrait of Jennifer Podhorzer smiling and giving the peace sign
Jennifer Podhorzer '24
Architectural Studies Undergraduate Departmental Representative

Hi! My name is Jennifer Podhorzer and I’m a junior majoring in Studio Art with minors in Architectural Studies and English. I’m really interested in learning about how architecture works alongside interior design as well as studying buildings in person, such as the ICA, and using what I've learned in my architecture classes so far. Additionally, I love learning about contemporary and modern architecture, as well as architects like Frank Gehry or Moshe Safdie. As an artist, I love incorporating architectural elements into my paintings, drawings, and sculptures. For instance, I worked on a graphic novella for an English class during the Spring of 2022, and I drew the architectural backgrounds as well as experimented with how lighting affects a space throughout my illustrations! Outside of the classroom, I create a lot of artwork with my twin sister for our shared Instagram art account and Redbubble store! I also love reading, watching movies, and going to art museums! Feel free to reach out!

Portrait of Lauren Podhorzer smiling
Lauren Podhorzer '24
Art History Undergraduate Department Representative

Hello! My name is Lauren and I am a junior majoring in studio art with a painting and drawing focus and a minor in art history. I have loved creating art for as long as I can remember and have loved learning about art history since high school. I love going to art museums such as MoMA, the Met, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and the Institute of Contemporary Art. My favorite artistic movements are Impressionism, Art Nouveau, Romanticism, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. Some of my favorite artists include Claude Monet, Wassily Kandinsky, J.M.W. Turner, Henri Matisse, Alphonse Mucha, and more! During my time at Brandeis, I am involved with the Student Committee for the Rose Art Museum and planned SCRAM JAM with the Rose Art Museum. If you’d like to talk about art history or studio art please feel free to reach out!

Aria Smith
Aria Smith '23
Studio Art Undergraduate Departmental Representative

Hello! My name is Aria Smith, and I am a junior double majoring in Studio Art and Computer Science with a minor in Film. I have an eclectic passion for art, film, and technology and have extensive coursework and fieldwork in digital photography and film and digital editing. I love painting, printmaking, as well as sculpture. I have always enjoyed learning about the history of art and how that has changed over the years and influenced other artists including me. My passion is painting and pushing my creative limits. You can often find me visiting the museums in Boston or out and about sketching or capturing intriguing moments.

Angela Sun stands in front of a colorful background
Angela Sun '23
Art History Undergraduate Department Representative and Lead UDR for the Division of Creative Arts (Spring 2023)

Hello! My name is Angela, and I’m a junior majoring in art history & East Asian studies with a minor in history. My interests within the art history major are very diverse—I love learning about Italian Renaissance and Baroque art, Japanese and Chinese art history, and also contemporary art. Some of my favorite artists include Bernini, Titian, Vincent Van Gogh, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, and Yue Minjun. I love visiting different museums in the Boston area whenever I have the chance, and some of my favorites are the MFA and the Gardner Museum. I am also an avid fan of language learning, and I am currently taking Japanese and Chinese classes at Brandeis. Outside of the classroom, I do subtitling for Chinese variety shows and translations for Chinese hip hop. I love meeting new people who are interested in the Fine Arts Department, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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