Six courses are required for the minor in architectural studies.

  • Two courses in studio design: either FA 23b or FA 24a and FA 4a.
  • Three core courses in architectural history: FA 30a, FA80a and FA 187A
  • One course focused on themes and periods in the history of architecture including: FA 33b, FA 42b, FA 45A, FA 48a, FA 85a, FA 180a, FA 181A , FA 193a, FA 195a, CLAS 111a, CLAS 133a, CLAS 134b or one additional studio course including: FA 3a, FA 5b, FA 6a, FA 9a, FA 16b, FA 28A.

Students who minor in architectural studies and also major or minor in art history or studio art may double count three courses across the requirements for all their FA majors and minors. All courses taken for the minor must receive a final grade of C- or better. No more than two courses taken in programs abroad or as transfer credit can be counted toward the minor. No course taken pass/fail may count toward the minor requirements.