Frequently Asked Questions

A group of students pose for a picture in Siena
Why study abroad in Siena?

Brandeis' first and only arts-focused study abroad program is located in the historic medieval city of Siena, Italy. Siena is a city rich in artistic masterpieces and complex social structures. The city itself is a jewel of preservation in Europe and is surrounded by a dynamic and thriving landscape filled with ongoing agricultural production.

Siena as a location for studying art and art history is extraordinary for its contributions to art of the early Renaissance. Students will be able to study and create art in response to original master works from the Italian Renaissance. Close proximity to the artistic centers of Florence and Pisa provide additional resources for study and creative inspiration and make Siena an ideal central location.

What is the academic focus in Siena?

Brandeis in Siena is a studio art and art history program in Siena, Italy. This intensive summer program will promote artistic development, appreciation, and cultural understanding in the unique setting of the historic city of Siena. The program consists of two courses taught in English comprised of one studio art course and one art history course and is a collaborative exchange program between Brandeis University and the Siena Art Institute/Siena School of the Liberal Arts programs.

Does the Brandeis program operate only in the summer?

Yes, the program runs from early July to mid-August. There are pre-departure orientations in the spring semester prior to the summer of study. Students wishing to go to Siena during the academic year should meet with a member of the study abroad staff for other options.

What is the deadline for studying abroad in the summer?

The Summer 2020 deadline is Thursday, March 19, 2020, but interested students are encouraged to apply early. Applications are reviewed up until the deadline as long as space is available.

Are Brandeis faculty involved in teaching in Siena?

The program is designed and supervised by Brandeis faculty. A Brandeis professor will teach one of the courses and an instructor from the Siena Art Institute will teach the other course. Studio and art history courses alternate yearly between Brandeis faculty and Siena Art Institute faculty. Every summer there is a Brandeis faculty member teaching on site for the duration of the program, teaching one of the two courses.

How do the classes taught in Siena count for my Brandeis degree?

Both courses are Brandeis courses and appear on transcripts as graded Brandeis coursework, not transfer credit.

Where can I get more information about Brandeis in Siena?

This website has complete information about study in Siena. Please also feel free to contact: