Majors, Minors and Course Offerings

The Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department provides a strong grounding in discipline-specific studies along with an interdisciplinary education in the theories, methods, and scholarship of women's, gender and sexuality studies. By introducing current research in a range of fields, the master's degrees create cross-disciplinary dialogue that prepares students for intellectual leadership in a variety of careers as well as their pursuits in continuing their education.

Major in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

The Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program is a locus of research, education, social engagement and activities that explore and expand our understanding of how gender and sexuality intersect with race, class, culture, religion, ability and more.

Minor in Sexuality and Queer Studies

Students in the undergraduate interdisciplinary minor in Sexuality and Queer Studies critically consider the relationships among sex, gender and sexual orientation, desire and identification, and erotic and affectional behavior, as these intersect with other cultural formations including gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability and class. 

Master's in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

The standalone master's degree in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies offers an opportunity to receive an MA in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGS) while studying with WGS Core Faculty. Possible areas of focus include gender and race, Black feminist studies, trans and non-binary studies, postcolonial and cross-cultural feminisms, sexualities in society and literature, representations and experiences of women in contemporary and historical global contexts, and theoretical frameworks that seek to describe, explain, and remedy inequalities pertaining to gender and sexuality.

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