close up of turban-wrapped fez cap with blue decorative Star of David

Camille Eskell, The Fez as Storyteller (studio visit), video, 5:28 (CC)

slide show image of Eskell's family, old family photos

Camille Eskell HBI Artist Lecture, March 24, 2021. 1:02:48 (CC)

wall piece with patterened silk and slippers mounted in the middle. the outer most area is green silk with a floral pattern, then inside is a rose pink cord around it. the center background is a golden floral pattern, in the center behind the slipper is a vertical green and rose gold thick stripe pattern decoration. two photographic images young girls are cut in circular shape decorate each of the four corners of the golden floral background. the outside of the slipper has a green background with rose pink floral emboridery. inside of the slipper is rose pink background with two photographic image of two women in rose pink dresses.

Taking Over the Crown: Camille Eskell’s “The Fez as Storyteller" with Sivan Rajuan Shtang, April 1, 2021. 58:49 (CC)

close up image of Eskell's piece with a woman's face in blue at the bottom of a white gown

Camille Eskell, The Fez as Storyteller, "The Creative Process," video, 5:27 (CC)