Quantitative Biology

Interdisciplinary Education Resources

Graduate student in a lab

Establishing and running a graduate program that spans the disciplines of life and physical sciences presents unusual challenges.

Part of the mission of the Brandeis QB program is to make available to interdisciplinary programs at other institutions the pedagogical techniques and educational materials that we have developed at Brandeis.

The following resources are currently available:

HHMI Interfaces Scholar Award Lectures

Cori Posner (2023)

Willem Laursen (2021)

Timothy Wiggin (2020)

Shashank Shekar (2018)

Steve Del Signore (2017)

Charlotte Kelley (2016)

Axel Brilot (2014)

Kyle Harrington (2014)

Alexandra Deaconescu (2013)

Jeffrey Boucher (2012)

Adelajda Zorba (2011)

Ed Barry (2010)

David Santucci (2009)

James Chen (2008)

David Biron (2007)

Radhika Subramanian (2007)

Quantitative Biology Virtual Experiments

Quantitative Biology Virtual Experiments are encrypted Matlab p-code files that simulate performing an quantitative experiment on a wide range of biological systems. The programs are designed so that students can adjust the experimental parameters, perform "experiments" by running the programs, and then analyze the data produced. The goal is for the students to see if they can infer the mechanism of the biological process that is hidden in the encrypted program. The programs were written by a variety of Brandeis faculty members and were a central part of some recent QB Boot Camps.