Get Help Now

If You Have Been Sexually Assaulted...

Consider Your Options

You have the right to decide what kind of help you need. You can get help from any of the listed resources now, in the future, or not at all.

Decide what is right for you.

For any questions or concerns regarding resources and services, you can call the Brandeis Rape Crisis Center at 781-736-3370.

Report an Incident of Sexual Assault

Complainants have the right to file a Community Standards Report (CSR) with the Department of Student Rights and Community Standards.

Complainants also have the right to file a report with Public Safety or with the police department of the local jurisdiction in which the incident occurred. They also have the right to decide not to file this report (now or ever). You can submit an electronic, anonymous report of sexual assault to Public Safety. You can also submit a hard copy of the form instead.

Get Help With Additional Concerns and Interim Measures

In addition to a formal reporting process, student survivors may also seek the following interim measures prior to the end of an adjudication, such as: