Monthly Semester Payment Plan

For a small application fee ($45 per semester), but no interest or other finance charges, families may contract to have 5 or 4 equal monthly installments each semester deducted directly from their bank account.

The monthly payment plan is available for Fall and Spring semesters only. No payment plan is available for the summer charges or past due balances.

The payment schedule is as follows:

FALL Payment Plan options:

5 month payment plan: payments are withdrawn from July 15 to November 15

4 month payment plan: payments are withdrawn August 15 to November 15

SPRING Payment Plan options:

5 month payment plan: payments are withdrawn from December 15 to April 15

4 month payment plan: payments are withdrawn January 15 to April 15

If you enroll on or after the first payment due date of either plan, all current and back payments are due at the time of enrollment.  The first monthly payment plan due date may be before our published semester due date for payment in full.  The monthly payment plan option allows families to spread out the cost of the semester’s charges over 5 or 4 months but payments are required on the scheduled due date.  

A family need not pay the entire balance due through the payment plan; the payment plan may be used in combination with other family resources or parent/student loans.  529 payments should not be used to pay monthly payment plans.    They should be used as a one-time semester payment directly to Brandeis.  If the 529 Plan payment does not cover the semester balance in full, any remaining balance may be budgeted on a monthly payment plan.  Payments are due on the scheduled due date. Delinquent payments will result in a hold on registration and transcripts and may result in a late fee. If a payment plan is cancelled due to delinquency, the balance is due in full and a hold will remain on the account until the balance is paid in full.

Information on signing up for the payment plan can be found on or through the Student Account Center.

For more information, contact Nelnet at 888-316-8558 or sign up online.