Office of Student Financial Services

Off-Campus Non-Federal Work-Study Jobs

The Office of Student Financial Services does not sanction or endorse any company or organization listed here. These are posted strictly as a courtesy in an effort to assist students looking for additional sources of income. In-depth background checks are NOT performed on individuals or companies listed here.

Please note that we are no longer accepting requests for postings of babysitting/related jobs and will take down all current listings at the start of 2024.

The Office of Student Financial Services advises students to use good judgment when submitting applications. Please be aware of the potential for online job scams. Never accept a job that requires depositing checks into your account or wiring portions to other individuals or accounts. Reputable employers will never ask you to send funds through any means or ask you to purchase equipment as a precondition of employment. Please contact our office immediately to report suspicious behavior.

International students on F or J visa's are NOT eligible for these positions.