Possible AI Syllabus Statements

Instructors are required by the University to include a policy in all their syllabi regarding the use (and misuse) of generative AI (e.g., chatGPT) in their courses.  Rather than outright prohibiting the use of generative AI tools, faculty are asked to develop AI policies for their classes that allow students to learn how to use generative AI tools ethically and effectively in their discipline.  A policy helps ensure that your expectations for appropriate interaction with generative AI tools are clear to students. Instructors are also asked to articulate the policy clearly for the students and to have regular conversations in class about the use of generative AI, especially before major assignments.

Below are examples of statements you may adopt for your own policy. Feel free to modify it or create your own to suit the needs of your course. Please include a reference to the Library Guide on citing generative AI in your course policy and assignment instructions.

Examples of AI Permissive Policies

Examples of AI Mixed Policies