Are more than 260 student-run clubs and organizations enough for you?

At recent count, Brandeis had 19 service organizations, 24 cultural awareness groups, 34 performing groups (including eight dance troupes, nine instrumental groups, 11 vocal groups and six theater groups), 15 spiritual and religious groups, 41 sports and games clubs, 26 student leadership and activism groups, 14 student publications, television station BTV and radio station WBRS.

For those of you counting at home, that adds up to 170, which means there are another 90 or so clubs and organizations that defy categorization.

Shapiro Campus Center, a limestone and copper landmark run by and for Brandeis undergraduates, is the hub for much of this activity. It houses student organization offices, a theater for undergraduate productions, a bookstore, a café, computer clusters and lounges with fireplaces.

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