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Join these students as they take you along through a day at Brandeis. View @BrandeisUniversity and @BrandeisAdmissions on Instagram for more takeovers.

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Follow Mila M. ’24 as she walks through a day in her life at Brandeis, including her morning routine (see her tip about dressing for winter!), and her biology research at the Rodal Lab.

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Find out how Amaima A. ’27, a first-year international student from Pakistan, spends her day at Brandeis, including art, anthropology, and computer science classes, meeting up with friends at the Muslim Student Association lounge, and movie night.

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Get a sneak peek at campus life with Greg R. ’26, including classes, catching up with friends (check out the matching headphones!), research in the Duclos Lab, and trivia at The Stein.

Kaija looks at the camera. The words Brandeis A Day in the Life of Kaija G. ’24 are on the right
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Follow Kaija G. ’24 through her day including stops at the library for a hands-on cinematography class, Usdan Kitchen for lunch, and planning for the Festival of the Creative Arts. 

Krupa looks at the camera. The words Brandeis A Day in the Life of Krupa S. ’23 are on the right
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Krupa S. ’23 has a busy day at Brandeis, including work in the admissions office, neurobiology class, Rice Wars, dance team, and more.