As a Brandeis undergrad, you'll learn from the same world-class professors who lead our graduate programs — thinkers, researchers and educators whose contributions shape the discourse of entire disciplines. 

Siri Suh teaching at the front of the class
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Siri Suh: Sociology Fueled by Analysis, Research and Critical Thinking

Want to passionately engage with contemporary society? You’ll find courses on race, gender, health and other pressing social issues in the sociology major at Brandeis.

Tim Hickey teaches a class
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Timothy Hickey: The Infinite Possibilities of Computer Science

From coding and machine learning to cyber security and entrepreneurship, computer science skills have never been in greater demand. The computer science major sparks creativity while building 21st century skills for virtually any career. At Brandeis, computer science is for everyone.

Neil Swidey
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Neil Swidey: Teaching Curious Students How to Think Like a Journalist

The journalism program at Brandeis equips students with the storytelling skills to make sense of — and have an impact in — an everchanging world.

Ulka Anjaria wearing a mask and speaking with a student.
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Ulka Anjaria: Citizens of the World

When faculty love what they teach, students love what they learn. English Professor Ulka Anjaria teaches literature, film — and the coolest class on Bollywood. "My Bollywood class is really a class where you can love the film and you can analyze the film. It’s a class about how you study something that you love," she says.

Joe Wardwell wearing a mask, leaning over to show a masked student something in class.
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Joseph Wardwell: Art and the Human Experience

Throughout your Brandeis experience, professors like associate professor of painting Joe Wardwell will help you gain the intellectual and creative momentum only truly dedicated teachers can offer. 

Govind Sreenivasan and a student standing at the front of a classroom. Both are wearing masks.
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Govind Sreenivasan: Bringing History to Life

History at Brandeis is a way of thinking about the past and making sense of human experiences.

Gabriella Sciolla standing and speaking in front of a classroom projection screen
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Gabriella Sciolla: Training the Next Generation of Scientists

Brandeis faculty love helping students grow — in the classroom and in preparation for a career.

Daniel Bergstresser standing in front of a classroom whiteboard which has text about Amazon company earnings
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Daniel Bergstresser: Economics and Human Behavior

In every discipline, Brandeis faculty help students ask big questions and develop their thinking.

Learn With the Best

Brandeis faculty are widely recognized for their work in the classroom and their outstanding research in a variety of fields — from neuroscience, to business, to American history to theater arts.

And when we say widely recognized, we mean it:

  • Nobel Prize winners
  • MacArthur "genius grant" Fellows
  • Members of the National Academy of Sciences
  • Members of the National Institute of Medicine
  • Fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Fellows of the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation
  • Howard Hughes Medical Investigator
  • Howard Hughes Medical Professor

Be More Than a Number

But award-winning doesn't mean inaccessible. At Brandeis, those brilliant, field-leading faculty who are shaping conversations at the frontiers of knowledge are the same ones giving lectures, grading papers and inviting you to collaborate on important research and creative projects. They'll get to know your strengths, help you grow and help guide you toward a successful and rewarding career.

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Faculty Research

Here are just some of the game-changing research projects Brandeis faculty are leading, in the lab and out in the world.

Amber Spry standing at a seminar table with a student seated at the table

Polling and the Impeachment of President Trump

Amber Spry, assistant professor of African and African American studies and politics, offers her expertise in identity politics, political attitudes and polling.

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Tijana Ivanovic sits behind lasers on a table

Brandeis Scientists Join Fight Against COVID-19

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Tijana Ivanovic and computer science professors Pengyu Hong and Hongfu Liu are three of the Brandeis researchers bringing their unique approaches and insights to the COVID-19 battle.

Read About Tijana, Pengyu and Hongfu

Melissa Kosinski-Collins talks with a student in the lab

Inspiring Women in Science

For many undergraduate science students, the first time they meet Melissa Kosinski-Collins is the beginning of a life-changing connection through mentorship.

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Charles Golden points up at a board during class

Discovering the lost Maya city of Sak Tz'i'

Professor Charles Golden and Alexandra Bazarsky ’23 explain the secrets this lost city holds and the implications it has for our understanding of the ancient Maya population.

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Sara Shostak

Urban Agriculture and the Growth of Stronger Communities

Associate Professor of Sociology Sara Shostak seeks to understand and address health inequalities in New England cities — as well as what it means to be an effective change agent.

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Tom Doherty sits alone in a movie theater eating popcorn

Pandemic and Dystopian Movies: A Brief History

Professor of American Studies Tom Doherty explores the difference between a plague film like "Panic in the Streets" and the ever-popular zombie apocalypse genre — namely, that the former scenario can really happen.

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