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UDR Responsibilities

UDR students

UDRs are peer advisors who:

  • Have been selected for leadership positions with the aim of strengthening the undergraduate learning experience and community within their academic departments and programs.
  • Provide academic and career information to majors/minors and prospective students.
  • Organize meetings with students and/or group informational sessions on topics related to their program (outside speakers, alumni/career panels, internships, research opportunities).
  • Disseminate information on current department/program events, activities and other relevant happenings.
  • Serve as ambassadors for the department/program at university-wide events such as Admitted Students Day and the Academic Fair.

All UDRs have the following responsibilities, in addition to other responsibilities mutually decided upon with their department or program:

  • Serve as a friendly, helpful resource and representative for fellow majors and minors and potential majors and minors. Let majors/minors know you are available to answer advising questions.
  • Elicit feedback from students about concerns and ideas and provide that feedback to the department/program chair, undergraduate advising head, and faculty.
  • Attend a portion of one department or program meeting to discuss undergraduate issues, if desired by your department/program chair.
  • Work in collaboration to execute at least two programs or initiatives each semester. These initiatives can include providing peer advising/mentoring, organizing an alumni career panel, an internship panel, participating in a faculty search for your majors, etc.
  • Provide the Dean of Arts and Sciences office with reports on your initiatives.
  • Prepare a year-end report of accomplishments and work in progress to share with incoming UDRs.
  • Participate in ongoing assessments of UDR activities.