Department of English

Spring 2021 Undergraduate Courses

Course  Requirements Instructor Time / Modality Enroll Limit
ENG 11a, Close Reading Thry, CW Close Reading Billy Flesch TTh 2-3:30pm / R 20
ENG 18a, Irish Literature Post John Plotz TTh 4-5:30pm / H 40
ENG 19b, Autobiographical Imagination CW [WI] Grace Talusan MW 6-7:30pm / R 12
ENG 20b, Literary Games Thry [DEIS-US, DL, OC] Dorothy Kim TTh 10-11:30am / R


ENG 30b, American Film Auteurs of the 1970s Media [DEIS-US] Caren Irr MW 6-7:30pm / R 80
ENG 33a, Shakespeare Pre Ramie Targoff TTh 12-1:30pm / H 20
ENG 42a, Blackness & Horror Multi, Post [DEIS-US, DJW] Brandon Callender MW 10-11:30am / R 40
ENG 42b, Animals & Literature Post Josh Williams MW 12-1:30pm / R 40
A/E 47a, Frontier Visions Post [OC] Jerome Tharaud MW 2-3:30pm / I 20
ENG 68b, Race, Colonialism, & Modernism Multi, Post [DJW, WI] Chih-Chien Hsieh TTh 12-1:30pm / R 20
ENG 101a, Pop Culture Post, Thry Paul Morrison MW 8-9:30am / R 40
ENG 109a, Poetry Workshop CW [DL, OC, WI] Liz Bradfield TTh 12-1:30pm / R 12
ENG 111b, Postcolonial Theory Multi, Post, Thry [DJW, WI] Josh Williams MW 4-5:30pm / R 20
ENG 117b, William Faulkner Post [WI] John Burt MW 4-5:30pm / R 40
ENG 119a, Fiction Workshop CW [OC, WI] Steve McCauley MW 10-11:30am / R 12
ENG 119b, Poetry Workshop CW [DL, OC, WI] Chen Chen MW 8-9:30pm / R 12
ENG 120a, 1930s Film Media [DL] Billy Flesch TTh 6-7:30pm / R


ENG 127a, The Novel in India Multi, Post [DJW, NW] Ulka Anjaria TTh 10-11:30am / I 20
ENG 128a, Race & US Cinema Media [DEIS-US] Paul Morrison MW 12-1:30pm / R 80
ENG 136a, Imagining Apocalypse Post Jerome Tharaud MW 10-11:30am / I 20
ENG 139b, Intermediate Screenwriting CW [DL, OC, WI] Marc Weinberg TTh 4-5:30pm / R 12
ENG 142b, Black Queer Literatures Multi, Post [DEIS-US, DJW] Brandon Callender MW 2-3:30pm / R 40
ENG 144a, Medieval Travel Writing Pre, Multi [DJW, DL] Dorothy Kim TTh 2-3:30pm / R 40
ENG 144b, Body as Text Pre [WI] Tom King TTh 10-11:30am / H 20
ENG 148b, Me, Myself, & I: Theme of Self-Conflict Pre Laura Quinney MW 6-7:30pm / R 20
ENG 159a, The Short Film & Webseries CW [WI] Paloma Valenzuela TTh 6-7:30pm / R 12
ENG 168b, Plotting Inheritance Multi, Post [DJW, DL] Faith Smith TTh 8-9:30pm / R 40
ENG 176b, Austen & Eliot Post [WI] John Plotz TTh 12-1:30pm / H 20