Department of English

Fall 2022 Graduate Courses

200 and 300 level; 100 level; PhD transferable skills

200- and 300- Level Courses

Note: 200- and 300-level classes are for graduate students only and require the signature of a department representative for enrollment.

Course Number Course Title Instructor Time Enroll limit
ENG 200a Approaches to Literary and Cultural Studies Caren Irr T 2:20-5:10 10
ENG 211a Black Queer Literatures Brandon Callender M 2:30-5:20 10
ENG 223a Eros and Desire in the English Renaissance Ramie Targoff W 2:30-5:20 10
ENG 350a Proseminar David Sherman alt R 2:20-3:40 8

100-Level Courses

Note: 100-level classes are open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Course Number Course Title Instructor Time Enroll Limit
AAPI/ENG 102a Transpacific Science Fiction Howie Tam TF 9:35-10:55 20
ENG 106a Representing Slavery John Burt MW 2:30-3:50 20
ENG 114a Enthusiam, Disappointment, Recovery: British Literature in the French Revolution Laura Quinney TR 5:30-6:50 20
ENG 143a The History of Mediascapes and Critical Maker Culture Dorothy Kim TF 11:10-12:30
Lab R 11:15-12:05
ENG 145a Poetry and the Supernatural Laura Quinney TR 2:20-3:40 20
ENG 171b African Feminism(s) Emilie Diouf MWR 1:25-2:15 20

PhD Transferable Skills Course

Note: To enroll in one of the classes below or another transferable skills course, please contact the DGS for approval.

Course Number Course Title Instructor Time Enroll limit
COSI 123a Statistical Machine Learning Pengyu Hong MW 8:30-9:50am 40
COSI 126a Introduction to Data Mining Hongfu Liu MW 4:05-5:25 50
FILM 110a Film Production I Ambrus Hernadi T 9:35-12:25 15
Some courses offered by The Graduate School of Professional Studies or The Heller School for Social Policy and Management may also be appropriate. Please contact the DGS for more information.