Department of Fine Arts

Class of 2021 Senior Studio Work

Typically, every year, we produce a catalog of work by our graduating studio majors and minors. Current COVID-19 restrictions gave us an opportunity to rethink the catalog and its distribution. In an effort to make the work more accessible to a wider audience, we have created this online gallery featuring one piece by each graduating studio student. The Department extends a big congratulations to the students for their hard work during an unprecedented year.
In the center of the painting, there are a pair of hands grasping each other gently. Behind the hands is a mountain with one large peak on the left and a smaller peak on the right. The sky is shaded with blue and gray colored pencils. The mountain and the hands are both shaded with black acrylic paint.

Zoe Gale, Untitled, 19.5” x 19.5”, Acrylic Paint and Colored Pencil on Raw Canvas

This architectural space design interacts and incorporates the natural elements, such as light, wind, texture, and fog with human sensibilities. The visitors enter and exit from the same place, allowing them to move around inside the architecture in either direction they preferred. The rhythm of plan and section integrates various perception experiences into the loop and extends the experience of a single plane to a three-dimensional volume. Space is divided into upper and lower layers and is connected by a ramp. The reading of space lies in the integration of internal and external environments through apertures. The intersectional interactions of light, wind, and temperature create a surprising scene in the space, the geometric shape, the texture of the material, and the light dance together.

Yuhan Li, The Loop, Architectural Design Project

This is two separate paintings. Each is a painting of a freezer-refrigerator in a room with one or both of its doors open showing the contents. In some cases, the freezer-refrigerators are full and in others they are empty. The paintings play with color, pattern, and composition in a whimsical manner.

Yuchen Xu, Left: Miss Jones's refrigerator Right: Mr.Lee's refrigerator, Left: 16" x 20" Right: 18" x 22", Oil on Canvas

This 4.5 x 2.5 inch ceramic sculpture is of a seated figure with no feet or arms and whose head looks like a watermelon. On their left side where their arm would be there is a pink flower.

Yao Wen, Untitled, 4.5”x2.5”, Glazed Ceramic

Two pairs of white plaster arms holding each other by the wrists. The arms are wrapped by yarn and suspended by braided white yarn as ropes, forming a pyramidal shape. Yarn is also attached to multiple places on the arms and ropes to form geometric shapes in the pyramidal space.

Xiuqi Han, The Bond, 42" x 28" x 23", Mixed Media: Plaster, Wire, Yarn

This is a 69x24 inches oil painting. The central canvas is a naked female figure with a yellow choker and a big jewelry necklace. Her eyes are half closing, staring at the viewer, and her hands are crossing in front of the body. Her bottom becomes the lake blue snake tail which starts from the waist. There is a triple-layer halo behind her head, and some orange and blue patterns surround the halo. The black ground is black with some multiple colors cloud-like ribbons.

Xiao Wei, Nyv Wa, 69" x 24", Oil on Canvas

Pictured is a large rectangle-shaped canvas with a large green lower body shape sitting with its large green feet in front of it crossed. The green brushstrokes contain a large amount of movement. The figure is sitting on the brown dirt, against the light blue streaky background. Within the figure, the 3D element of paper pulp runs through the figure into the ground-like roots.

Sarah Lavin, Grounded, 4’ x 5’, Oil Paint and Paper Pulp on Canvas

Plywood statue of a womanly figure with two faces. Three inserts in the head, chest, and legs. There is a blue male half, with a somber and serious expression. Deep blue veins running down the body. There is a pink female half, bright green vines and leaves running up the body, leading to a 3D printed flower. The pink woman gazes at the flower, with a content expression. Meant to evoke feelings of spring, hope, and growth.

Noah McNerney, Janus Sculpture, 5' x 3'10" x 8 1/4", Mixed Media: Plywood, Acrylic Paint, 3D Print

The inside of a stocked and unorderly refrigerator is painted near to life-size, with three levels of shelves, and drawers full of vegetables. Most items in the fridge are painted with minimal detail and fast brush marks.

Michelle Duffe, "Where did it come from?", 3' x 4', Oil on Canvas

A tall empty orange pill bottle made of cardboard and see-through cellophane next to a crate filled with found items specifically homemade oversize stress balls, fidget cubes, and small pill bottles scattered throughout.

Lizzy Topper, Remedy, Crate: 2 'x 1.5 x 1.3' Pill Bottle: 3' x 2.5' x 2.5', Mixed Media: Cardboard, Felt, Acrylic Paint, Wood, Cellophane, Yarn, Found Objects

Images of a glass of water with reflections of a cityscape layered on top of one another with cut-outs, a silhouette of two people in a hallway in the center, and abstracted colors of red, yellow, green, white, brown, and black in the background.

Joy Cao, The Room in the Pandemic, 16" x 20", Mixed Media: Newspaper, Color Paper, Magazine

A dark blue, somewhat expressionistic painting depicting looking up and over wall-dividers at an industrial ceiling. The wall-dividers fill the bottom and left regions of the painting. They are painted in sweeping upward blue swatches on the left. On the right, they are expressed as thick yellow-white paint carved into a zig-zag pattern. The ceiling conforms to a right-trapezoidal region flush against the top and right edges of the painting. It is composed of a series of lines representing long planks, which each spread away very slightly from its neighbor in a pattern similar to a folding fan's leaves. The boards range from dark blue to black, and the spaces between them range from blue and purple crayon marks to white streaks of removed paint. A large ventilation tube travels in an arch through the middle of the painting. It is split into segments—each tinted slightly different shades of gray (from blues, yellows, purples, teals). Its surface is carved into to emphasize light, shadows, and its curved shape.

Joseph Nissenbaum, Wide Ceiling/ Wide Painting, 48" x 33", Oil Paint and Wax Crayon, on Canvas

Four different wall-hanging abstract ceramic plants.

John Lombardi, Organic Freedom, 19" x 26", Glazed Ceramic

Pictured is a large rectangular canvas with large hands from the first-person point of view reaching out into a TV screen with two animated characters on it. The hands are reddish-pink. One animated character is a green woman with a yellow shirt holding her arms over her head.  The other is a close-up image of a blue woman's face.

Isabel Cepeda, Gentle Music Subsides, 4' x 5', Oil on Canvas

An abstract outdoor scene depicting a river and foliage in hues of green, purple, and pale orange.

Gabby Loeff, Super Bloom, 48" x 32.5", Oil on Panel

Images of a glass of water with reflections of a cityscape layered on top of one another with cut-outs, a silhouette of two people in a hallway in the center, and abstracted colors of red, yellow, green, white, brown, and black in the background.

Emma Belkin, Immersed, 20" x 16", Collage of Printed Photography on Premium Luster Paper

The painting shows an extreme crop of a woman's lips and teeth. She is wearing metallic purple lipstick and has white frosting with sprinkles smeared across her mouth.

Anushka Ghosh, Cake, 3’ x 4’, Oil on Canvas

Painting is roughly two feet wide and three feet long. The painting features a simple, flat blue background and a lone female figure with her elbow resting on her knee, chin in hand. The girl is taking up the left side of the canvas and shows the bottom of her elevated knee up to the top of her head. The girl has dark hair in a bun slightly covering her face, light eyes which are focused at the viewer, and is wearing a light purple face mask. She looks at the viewer calmly and the whole painting has a feeling of being in a semi-subdued emotional state. She is wearing a dark purplish multicolored sweater and dark pants.

Anna Kate Rattray, Me :( , 24" x 30", Oil on Canvas

A large size oil painting depicting five figures in an outdoor setting. In the background, there is a blue sky, the ocean, and some small islands, as well tree branches. The figure furthest to the left is a seated female wearing a green dress. Below here is a man with his arm raised, the lower half of his body cropped out of the painting. To their right is a standing male figure with a white canine head wearing pink shorts with his hands raised over his head. In the center of the painting is a tiger walking towards the viewer. On the right side of the tiger is another figure wearing a brown jacket, red t-shirt with obscured text. This figure has a roaring bear's head. On the far right-hand side of the painting, there is a hand gripping a pink piece of fabric, possibly a flag. The dog-headed and bear-headed figures are facing each other, and the bear-headed figure is reaching out to the dog-headed figure as if to stop him.

Anna Ginsburg, Bear, 5'6" x 5', Oil on Canvas