Virtual Gallery

Installation shot in the halls of Goldman Schwartz; large painting in the foreground; sculpture of figure in the middle; small wood art pieces are in the background
In an effort to make the work by our graduating senior studio students more accessible to a wider audience, we have created this online gallery featuring one piece by each graduating studio student.
Two paintings and one sculpture are alongside a wall in a hallway.
Almost everything about the 2020-2021 academic year has been different and the 2021 Mid-Year Senior Exhibition was no different. In an effort to not lose this valuable experience, we hung a show in the halls of Goldman Schwartz featuring one piece from each of the seniors.
An orange cover of a handmade book, text reads "We Belong Together"
During Fall 2020, Fine Arts faculty member, Sonia Almeida, and students in Sonia's class, FA27b Artist Book and Editions put out an open call for mail art submissions with the prompt “We are Together.”