Department of Fine Arts

Mid-Year Senior Show for the Class of 2022

Maggie Moran and a student standing in front of Moran's piece. Pieces of paper attached by string with blobs on the ground holding the string down

Work by Maggie Moran on left

Group of people standing in front of artwork. Jonathan Joasil's piece on the right of a woman in front of stripes. Aeden Reid's piece on the right of a white sculpture.

Work by Joasil on the left and work by Reid on the right

Students and guests standing in front of complex sculpture attached to the wall and hanging from the ceiling. One sculpture is a metal hook holding an appearing branch with metal poles below. The sculpture hanging from the ceiling is a lever made out of metal with a large metal object hanging from the middle.

Work by Aedan Reid

Audrey Rogers and a student standing in front of Roger's piece. The piece says "I am what you made me" in the bottom left, has women's bodies on the top, and a house and ear in the bottom right.

Work by Audrey Rogers on the left