Department of Fine Arts

Rise Up Exhibition 2022

Norah Khadraoui standing in front of Khadraoui's painting of a woman half submerged in water surrounded by flowers and grass

Work by Norah Khadraoui

Two students standing in a foreground looking at two paintings, one on top of each other. The top painting is three trees in front of mountains and the bottom painting is a house with a body of water nearby

Work by Lauren Podhorzer

Large canvas painting of three naked people on an island leaning on trees

Work by Henry Green

Hannah Rubin standing in front of Rubin's human size sculpture. Metal poles supporting wooden shapes that form a circle around a light bulb

Work by Hannah Rubin

Aria Smith standing in front of Smith's painting of colorful shapes on a canvas with an image of a woman in the bottom right

Work by Aria Smith on left

Bintou Baysmore standing in front of Baysmore's two paintings. The painting on the right is a hand reaching out of a blue abyss and the painting on the left is a hand caught up in a red telephone wire

Work by Bintou Baysmore on left

A mainly purple painting of a living room with two supporting paintings blurry in the background

Work by Emily Ding

Ethan Frankel standing in front of Frankel's sculpture of four diamonds molded and painted in an ombre of white to green

Work by Ethan Frankel on right