Department of Fine Arts

Work by Student in the Class of 2022

Check out work by students of the graduating class of 2022 in senior studio!
Image of mainly pink and green items such as "sweet n low", red solo cup, tape measurer; the background is of cutout images of a figure

Work by Vincent Cayuela Aliaga

Back angle of Kane using a paintbrush to dab paint with a half painted outline of a figure on canvas in the background

Work by Taylor Kane

Bucu standing on top and looking down at artwork that has yellow letters, red lines, and a blue background; the walls in the background are vibrant with large paintings on them

Work by Sienna Bucu

side view of Kauffman painting on a canvas on the wall; painting is barely visible

Work by Matthew Kauffman

Front view of Small standing working on a wooden doorframe

Work by Marissa Small

lower angle view of Moran kneading clay on a table

Work by Maggie Moran

Fischer sitting on the floor and smiling while adding color to her blue-hued textured sculpture

Work by Kyra Fischer

Joasil working with paint at a table with a portrait painting on the wall behind

Work by Jonathan Joasil

graphic digital image of a blue hand holding a block that completes a QR code in front of a brick wall

Work by Elliot Morgenstem

back view of donavan painting a blue pillow on an interior room painted in blue hues with an orange stripe on either side of the painting

Work by Avery Donavan

Side view of Rogers painting colorful bears on a canvas on the wall

Work by Audrey Rogers

Young holding a phone in one hand and paint brush in the other dabbing paint; behind Young is a large canvas on an easel

Work by Ashley Young

Angled view of Bueno working on a pink sculpture with delicacy

Work by Arline Bueno

Brathwaite smiling for a photo with a mask on while sitting down in front of artwork that Brathwaite is working on; the painting is of a graphic pattern painted over portraits

Work by Ariel Brathwaite

Angled view of Winters painting on a canvas on the wall; canvas is barely visible

Work by Abigail Winters

semicircular objects made out of concrete and metal are intertwined creating a sculpture in the center of a room with painting on the wall in the background

Work by Aedan Reid

Wang sits in front of a large piece of wood with two triangle cut outs; Wang is working on this piece

Work by Alex Wang

Angled view of Shire-Plumb holding a ruler up to an artwork on the wall; painting is of a pink hued room and a figure shape in gray

Work by Anya Shire-Plumb