Department of Fine Arts

Guidelines for Honors in Studio Art

A thesis proposal is a short written document, no longer than 2 pages, that describes the intention to commit to a full independent year of making and developing your personal vision (in addition and outside of Senior Studio). In the proposal, studio faculty want to understand what drives your process, your material choices, and your subject matter. It is expected that your thesis will evolve and change, but this is an important document that marks the beginning of a very rigorous and explorative year of discovery in the studio.

Many of you will be coming off a summer of working outside of the academic setting, and it is a good idea to update us on your progress. What unfolded in your work that you want to investigate to a greater degree? How are you approaching your first works? What is your source material? Include a strategy that describes what your first semester might address in terms of studio work. For example, a series of drawings and paintings, sculptural investigations, performances, digital projections, collaged objects, etc…

We suggest to include what artists or what specific work inspires and relates to your practice. Are there specific experiences that you directly draw from to inform your decisions? Did you experience a piece of work this summer that resonated with you in a personal way? Are there cross-disciplinary interests that are relevant to discuss in your work?

Although this is not an artist statement, parts of your proposal should address in detail what you are questioning in your process. You can reach out to your thesis advisor for feedback and editing help at this time. If accepted into the honors program, your thesis committee will continue to work with you on developing an artist statement to represent your highest ambitions in your thesis year.

In addition to addressing the subject matter of your studio thesis, you should consider special materials you require beyond the basic (example: specific paper, paint mediums and colors, casting and sculpting needs, photo paper and printing inks, and any other advanced materials). We will work with you to try and secure funding for these materials but we cannot guarantee that you will not need to purchase additional materials. Studio faculty will work with you to succeed in being as resourceful as possible in all your studio needs.

Check out the honors in studio art schedule for more information!