Department of Fine Arts

Architectural Studies Minor and IIM

Architectural Studies Minor

The architectural studies minor is intended as both a stand-alone course of study for those students whose major is outside the Fine Arts, and as a supplement to Fine Arts majors. The minor is designed for students with an interest in architecture and for those looking to pursue a career in architecture or related fields such as architectural history, historical preservation or urban planning and design. Those students planning on becoming an architect and pursuing a Masters of Architecture may consider combining the architectural studies minor with a major or minor in studio art, in order to strengthen their portfolios.

Students who minor in architectural studies and also major or minor in art history or studio art may double count three courses across the requirements for all their FA majors and minors.



Independent Interdisciplinary Major (IIM) in Architectural Studies

The Architectural Studies program at Brandeis University is committed to fostering critical thinking and a comprehensive understanding of the built environment. Our mission is to empower students to engage with the world of architecture and design in a meaningful and enriching way, whether they choose to pursue careers as professionals in the field or become well-informed individuals in the realm of human-made structures.

Within our program, students develop essential skills in analyzing, interpreting, designing, engineering, and creatively engaging with both contemporary and historical aspects of the built environment. Our definition of the built environment is broad and inclusive, encompassing everything from stage scenery and interior design to civil engineering and urban planning. This breadth allows us to reflect the diversity of historical and contemporary experiences and ensures a rich and comprehensive educational experience within the Brandeis curriculum.

At Brandeis, we take pride in our distinctive multidisciplinary approach to architectural studies, capitalizing on the university's unique academic offerings. We draw from the resources of the Department of Fine Arts, which provides valuable perspectives through Art History and Studio Art courses, as well as the Environmental Studies and Engineering Programs, all of which contribute to the richness of our curriculum.

Our program prepares students not only for advanced studies in architecture and related fields but also opens doors to diverse career opportunities. Graduates of our program have gone on to excel in education, business, urban planning, urban development and a variety of other fields. In every respect, the architectural studies program at Brandeis University embodies the liberal arts approach to higher education, providing a well-rounded and versatile education that empowers students to succeed in a wide range of professions and endeavors.