Past Undergraduate Departmental Representatives (UDRs)


Anna Ginsburg - Studio Art

Hello! My name is Anna Ginsburg and I'm a junior from Hong Kong majoring in Studio Arts and Environmental Studies. I have taken sculpture, painting and drawing courses at Brandeis but I have the most experience as a painter. On campus, I'm a member of the women's varsity fencing team, as well as the club Quidditch team and fencing club. I'm also a member of the Brandeis Improv collective. When I'm not in the studio/fencing room/field/music room/catching my breath, I like to spend time in Boston, or hike and swim when the weather allows. I especially like to take my sketchbook outside to draw from nature and what I see in the city. Please feel free to reach out to me by email or on campus if you would like to talk or ask questions about the Fine Arts department!

Qiang Hu - Art History

My name is Qiang and I am a junior major in Art history, philosophy, and IGS. I am interested in Contemporary Art. I especially love minimalism and abstract minimalism. I love to explore the hidden messages behind the simple paints. I also love Andy Warhol. I love exploring different museums in my spare time. My favorite museums around Boston are the DeCordova and the ICA. Mass MOCA is also a great museum with so many amazing exhibitions and new ideas even it is a bit far from the campus. I am a member of the SCRAM and also the co-president of the Fashion Design Club. I am very open to talking to new people about the department, so don't hesitate to contact me!


Jenny Ho - Studio Art

My name is Jenny and I’m a senior double majoring in studio arts and arts history, minoring in legal studies. I make art with all kinds of mediums. My favorite is oil paint for painting and pencil for drawing. I also do Chinese calligraphy and ink painting. I always bribe my friends to be my painting models. When the weather is good, I spend time reading in the sun. Campus-wise, I am involved in the Drawing Club, Triskelion and mock trial. I am interested in exploring how art can promote social justice and social changes, especially issues regarding LGBTQ+ rights and racial equality. My favorite artists so far are Alice Neel and Egon Schiele. I love to talk about art and honestly all kinds of things! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Liora Lilienthal - Art History

My name is Liora Lilienthal and I am a senior majoring in art history and psychology, with a minor in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. I'm from sunny Coral Springs, Florida, so Boston weather has really been an adjustment! My favorite artist has always been Edgar Degas, because as a dancer I always connected to his ballerina paintings. I also like the works of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, and Romero Britto. When I need a break from school work, I like going to museums, especially the Museum of Fine Arts. After college, I hope to become an art therapist for kids. I love meeting new people and talking about how great the Fine Arts department is, so let me know how I can help!


Allison Fritz - Studio Art

Hi! My name is Allison Fritz, and I’m a senior double majoring in Studio Art and Neuroscience. In the studio, my focus is on drawing and painting, but I’ve also experimented with bookmaking. My works are generally influenced by issues of mental health and sexual violence, but I’ve recently been exploring both accessibility in the arts and the ways in which the sciences and visual arts influence each other. Outside of school, I work at a dentistry in New Jersey, intern with Rutgers Medical School’s Institute for the Study of Child Development, and sell paintings when given the opportunity. Picasso and Ana Mendieta are two of my favorite artists and biggest influences right now. I’m more than happy to answer any questions or chat, so feel free to reach out!
Maura Koehler - Studio Art

My name is Maura Koehler and I am a senior majoring in Studio Art and International & Global Studies with a minor in French and Francophone Studies. I’m from Yardley, Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia. I am focusing on painting for my studio major, but have really been enjoying sculpture lately as well. In addition to my studies on campus, I am also on the club soccer team (BFC) and in Adagio Dance Company. In my free time, I love reading, hiking, doing yoga, and running. At the moment, some of my favorite artists include Gillian Carnegie, Van Gogh, and John Everett Millais. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the Studio Art program or any of my other activities on or off campus!
Alli Steinberg - Art History

My name is Alli Steinberg and I’m a senior double majoring in Art History and Business. I’m from Jacksonville, Florida. I have an interest in all facets of art history, but am intrigued most by modern and contemporary art. I also spend my time on campus as a gallery guide at the Rose Art Museum and as a member of SCRAM. In my free time, I enjoy exploring museums and finding good eats in the Boston area. Some of my favorite artists include Georges Seurat, Alberto Burri, and Kiki Smith. I recently participated in Brandeis in Siena. Let me know if you have any questions about the program or are wondering about how to get more involved in the arts!


Pavla Berghen-Wolf - Art History

My name is Pavla Berghen-Wolf and I'm a senior majoring in Art History and minoring in French and Francophone Studies. I'm from foggy San Francisco, California. I'm most interested in modern and contemporary art and I especially love photography. One Fine Arts class at Brandeis I've always wanted to take is "Islamic Art and Architecture." At the moment, my favorite artists include Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Mark Bradford, and Vincent Van Gogh. In my free time I tap dance, visit museums, and seek great brunch spots. Ask me how to get involved in the student gallery guide program at the Rose Art Museum!

Orli Swergold - Double Major, Studio Art and Art History

My name is Orli Swergold and I’m a senior double majoring in art history and studio art. I hail from the Scarsdale, New York. I am in the painting track at Brandeis, and watch clips of famous painters at work to relax. I love to travel and always have a future trip planned. My on-campus extra-curricular activities include SCRAM (Student Committee for the Rose Art Museum) and gallery guides. In my free time, I like to visit museums and find new fun things to do in Cambridge/Boston. One dream of mine is to start a dog walking business in the Boston area. I have a different favorite artist every month, September’s is Gerhard Richter. Lastly, I love meeting new people, so let me know if you are interested in joining me for any of the activities I just mentioned!


Lesley Cai — Art History

My name is Lesley Cai. I am from China. I am majoring in Art History and minoring in Business. I am going to graduate in 2017. I have taken classes most related to Renaissance and antiquity arts. Some of my favorite artists include Peter Paul Rubens and Claude Monet. I am also a musician. I can play four instruments: Pipa (Chinese traditional instrument), piano, violin, and guitar. During my spare time, I enjoy visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Elizabeth Gardener Museum mostly. One class I would like to take is "Impressionism: Avant-Garde Rebellion in Context."

Meredith Combs — Art History

My name is Meredith Combs and I am a senior majoring in Art History and Anthropology. I am from Massachusetts have grown up going to the wonderful Boston-area museums. My favorite museums are The Frick Collection in New York City and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. One Fine Arts course I would like to take in the future is “The Age of Rubens and Rembrandt”.

Sydney Westervelt — Studio Art

My name is Sydney Westervelt and I am a senior from Louisville, KY. I am currently working towards a BA in Studio Art and a minor in French and Francophone Studies. In addition to my dedication to the arts, I also enjoy the sciences, biology in particular. My medium of choice is oil paint, but I also like working with ink, watercolor, and good, old-fashioned graphite. Some of my favorite artists are Georges Braque, Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas, and Catherine Kehoe. I’m looking forward to spending the next two years focusing on the areas of study I love, and I hope to help you figure out what your passion is and guide you on your way to success!


Thomas Hearne — Double major, Art History and Studio Art

My name is Tom Hearne and I am a senior and a member of the Class of 2016. I am originally from Holmdel, New Jersey. I am currently pursuing a double major in Art History and Studio Art. Though I am interested in all areas of study in the history of art, my passion lies within the art and architecture, even more specifically, the urban development of the Italian peninsula from Roman antiquity to the Renaissance. My primary focus on the studio side of my studies is painting; I enjoy working in graphite, ink, and oil paint. My favorite art museum in the New England area is the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. My favorite artists and architects, I cannot choose one, are Leonardo Da Vinci, Donato Bramante, Rembrandt Van Rijn, J.M.W. Turner, Georgia O’Keeffe, Le Corbusier, and Santiago Calatrava. One Fine Arts course that I have not taken but would like to is “The Age of Rubens and Rembrandt.”


Haley Coopersmith — Art History

My name is Haley Coopersmith and I am majoring in Art History and I have a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. I am from just north of New York City and spend as much time in museums as possible. My favorite museum in Boston is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. I am currently writing a thesis on the women of the Hudson River School and I am dedicated to researching artists who have historically been excluded from the canon. One Fine Arts class at Brandeis that I have always wanted to take but never had the opportunity is “Art Since 1945.”

Maya Himelfarb — Studio Art

My name is Maya and I am from Los Angeles. I am a CA double majoring in Psychology and Studio Art. I study painting at Brandeis, but paint digitally in my free time as well. I am also a frequent scenic painter for the Shakespeare group on campus, Hold Thy Peace, and have helped plan events for the student-run Festival of the Arts committee (CAFE). I do not have a singular favorite artist, but enjoy a variety from Jackson Pollock to Yoshida Hiroshi. My favorite Boston museum is the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), not only for the art, but for the beautiful waterfront view as well. 

Sarah McCarty — Studio Art

I am a Studio Art major with a minor in Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation. I also spend my time on campus as the Curatorial Intern at the Rose Art Museum and as a Community Advisor. I'm most interested in the world of contemporary art, and am always excited about the new Fine Arts courses being offered at Brandeis. I am on the sculpture track, but I enjoy experimenting with various mediums including installation, digital media and writing. I grew up around the world, and a lot of my current work is exploring my relationships with language and place. My list of favorite artists is always in flux - send me an email for a more current snapshot of where my mind is!