Form I-9

I-9s are to be completed online through Workday. If you will be receiving a fellowship or assistantship, you will receive a task list from Workday prompting you to complete your I-9.

You must complete your I-9 by your payroll start date (usually late August for new students); however, we encourage students to complete their I-9s as soon as possible to avoid delays in payment. Section 1 should be completed by you, and then you will need to bring the appropriate original documents from the list of acceptable documents to the GSAS Office (Bernstein-Marcus lower level) in order to complete Section 2. Please direct any questions concerning Form I-9 to Chris Nayler at

International students must obtain a Social Security Number before they can be paid. Instructions on this process can be found on the ISSO website. Please note that you can still complete your I-9 without a Social Security Number (SSN). Once you have received your SSN, it can be added to your already submitted I-9 in Workday. 

Brandeis University Self-Service

Through Workday you will be able to set up direct deposit, view your paychecks, complete your W-4, and update your personal information. Please check the address listed in Workday to make sure it is up to date so your end of the year tax paperwork is delivered to the appropriate address.

When are stipend checks issued?

Graduate students receive stipend checks twice a month. You will receive one half of your monthly stipend on the 15th of the month (or the closest workday before the 15th) and the other half on the last business day of the month. Your first payment will likely be a physical check delivered to your on-campus mailbox in your department. After you are activated in Workday, you can set up direct deposit for all future payments.

Direct Deposit

Forms are available through Workday to set up direct deposit for your stipend checks. If you require a paper copy of the direct deposit form please email to request one.

Tax Treatment of Stipends

If you will be teaching or doing research this year, you will notice that income taxes will be withheld from some or all of your stipend. GSAS believes that this training, under the supervision of a faculty member, is an integral part of the graduate curriculum, and that your stipend represents financial aid. Current Internal Revenue Service guidance, however, requires income tax withholding on amounts paid in connection with teaching fellowships and research stipends. The University has estimated the value of the teaching and/or research component using a market rate calculation as required by the IRS, and the appropriate taxes have been withheld on the teaching and/or research component. You must fill out a W-4 Form to avoid being taxed at single zero rate. These forms are available on Workday, through the Payroll Office, or through the IRS.

You should also be aware that the remainder of your stipend may be subject to income taxation, although the University is not required to report it to the IRS or to withhold taxes from it. You should consult the relevant IRS guidance, tax preparation resources, or your tax advisor for the proper treatment in your particular situation, as Brandeis University cannot provide you with tax advice. If you are a non-U.S. citizen, your tax liability is dependent upon any treaties that exist between the U.S. and your country, among other factors. In order to claim a tax exemption, you must complete a Foreign Information Form, if you have not previously done so. This form is available online or in the Payroll office. Once the form is completed and processed, you will be asked to meet with a Payroll supervisor to sign either a Form 8233 or a W-4 Form.

Please direct questions regarding tax forms or direct deposit to the Payroll Office at or 781-736-4477. Questions about your appointment or the components of the stipend should be directed to Chris Nayler at