Because our PhD candidates complete extensive individualized research, we want you to complete your degree with the fewest possible interruptions, thus allowing you to move on to industry or academia expeditiously. Most of our doctoral students enroll full-time and are funded for five years. Funding includes a competitive fellowship, a full-tuition scholarship, and health insurance benefits. All doctoral candidates teach some semesters as part of their academic program, with the type and number of teaching assignments varying by degree program. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences will work with you to help you to realize the greatest return on your educational investment.

All awards are contingent on the conditions set out annually in the University Bulletin, including (but not limited to) satisfactory academic progress and changes in student status.

The Connected PhD

Connected PhD Banner

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded Brandeis University $750,000 to support a four-year program at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences that will make the consideration of careers and work outside the academy an integral part of doctoral education in the humanities and humanistic social sciences at Brandeis. Called the “Connected PhD,” the program will create opportunities for students and faculty to explore applications of training beyond the professoriate, within and outside of the curriculum.