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In 2023, Brandeis University celebrated its 75th Anniversary. 2023 was also the 70th Anniversary of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University's oldest and largest graduate school. Alums, students, and faculty joined us as we celebrated the amazing scholarship and creative work that has been produced by our faculty, students and alums across the Creative Arts, Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences during the past seven decades.

During this celebration, alums had the opportunity to participate in a number of program celebrations hosted by our field-leading academic departments. Faculty and students discussed their research, and alums learned about the pathbreaking scholarship that is happening at GSAS today. This is the heart of what we do, deeply connected to our small size and the relationships students and faculty are able to develop focused around their academic passions.

We curated a wealth of material about the history of GSAS and some of our most notable alums. In addition to the material on this website, we shared stories throughout the spring semester in emails from the school. 

We were so happy to see our alums engaging with GSAS as we celebrated its 70 years of excellence. Thank you for all you do for Brandeis. 

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