The Brandeis GSAS Spring Career Fellowship was open to all PhD and master's GSAS students across disciplines. The goal was to teach skills to help them prepare for careers in academia, non-profits, industry and beyond and to foster a community of students committed to planning for their post-master's or PhD future. As a part of this cohort, we encouraged robust discussion on professional and career development through programming and via Slack.

Thirty-five Fellows (across divisions and disciplines) attended six career development and job search activity seminars between February and May 2022 and were awarded a $400 stipend for participating. Topics included:

Using Aurora for Career Exploration - Academia, Industry and Beyond
What Is Informational Interviewing and How Do I Get Started?
How to Turn Your CV Into a Resume
Utilizing Social Media to Further Your Career Goals
How to Tell Your Story During an Interview
The Summer Before the Academic Job Market

Participants were connected with recent alumni to set up informational interviewing sessions and invited to attend a final alumni in-person reception to meet and network with eighteen recent alumni.